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Why do I need a FAA 333 Exemption?

Under law, any drone pilot in Los Angeles operating an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) controlled from the ground for income or profit in California should have a drone pilot's license, a certificated and registered aircraft, and operational approval by the FAA. This includes the need for all Los Angeles commercial drone pilots to secure a FAA 333 Exemption.

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Benefits of the FAA 333 Exemption Grant

While the FAA 333 Exemption Grant is a requirement of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, this necessary paperwork is also highly beneficial to your credibility as a Los Angeles commercial drone pilot. The FAA 333 will also help you secure better drone liability insurance rates in California.

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Flying your drone for profit in Los Angeles is an exciting career choice when you have the right qualifications. Los Angeles Flying Lessons will help you obtain professional drone training and your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required 333 Exemption.

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Getting Your Drone Pilot License

To operate a drone for profit in California, you must secure a Los Angeles commercial drone pilot's license. You will need to secure a Los Angeles commercial sport or recreational pilot's certification, required for operating drones within all U.S. airspace. Los Angeles Flying Lessons will assist all graduating drone pilots in Los Angeles with the FAA 333 Exemption filing process.

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Call Los Angeles Flying Lessons for your Los Angeles drone training and get in on the ground floor as more and more businesses and firms are turning to drone technology in California for their day to day business needs. Learn more about drone photography, drone monitoring and drone surveillance in Los Angeles as you assist energy and utility companies, or choose to work in any number of fields as a Los Angeles drone pilot including real estate, agriculture, cinematography, film and many others!

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